Sep 212018

This great room redesign includes our Custom Beachwood ceiling beams, and demonstrates how a great concept with the right materials almost always delivers a great result.

A word you’ll sometimes see us use in this blog is ‘congruence.’ Congruence is when everything works in harmony together – it just looks right. In terms of interior design, it’s the perfect balance in which the furniture, paint and fixtures of a room all complement each other seamlessly; with nothing standing out as showy, or out-of-place.

Railroad inspired great room redesign featuring Custom Beachwood beams on the ceiling.

Custom Beachwood beams work harmoniously with the railroad theme of the room.

Congruent design was beautifully achieved by customer Flory Herman, who remodeled her great room using Custom Beachwood Beams in Java color as a design feature.

What makes Flory’s room work so well is that it has a really strong design concept behind it – in this case, a theme inspired by the golden age of American rail. The focus-point of the room is a looming Railroad Crossing sign above the fireplace; but that is just part of the seamless harmony of the design.

The white walls and white-painted brick fireplace pay a perfect homage to the style of design popular at the turn of the 20th century – when the American railroads were at their peak. Across America, homes and buildings were painted white to make them appear larger and brighter, and act as a form of natural air-conditioning in the heat of summer. The white walls were invariably contrasted with real and dark wood fixtures and furnishing; which tended to be made from locally-sourced materials. There was a minimalism to turn-of-the-century decor as well, which mirrored the attitudes of the time (prohibition was just around the corner) and that lends itself to a design aesthetic which emphasizes space and openness.

Great room with American railroad theme.

Flory has perfectly captured the spirit of that aesthetic, and what really takes it over the edge are the details that complement the railroad crossing sign. The rolling door, for example, mirrors the railroad aesthetic with its iron railing and wheels – and the design of the windows, which mimic the windows of a period railroad car.

The Beachwood beams stretch across the ceiling in a manner that would have been common in turn-of-the-century buildings – which used real timbers as a structural material, and they were often left exposed. They also give a nod to the stretching railroad tracks which spanned America – again adding an unspoken element to the overall theme of the room.

And Flory finished it off by adding dark, minimalist furniture which complemented the dark wood fixtures and contrasted with the white fireplace and walls; providing modern-day comfort with a period aesthetic.

It’s really a great example of interior design and, yes, our beams are part of the ‘congruence’ of it. Every element flows together seamlessly, and the end result is infinitely more than just the sum of its parts. We love this entire project and are thrilled that Flory shared these pictures with us.

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