Oct 132017

Our team is always available to help homeowners create amazing designs – like these beautiful arched trusses Bob built with a hand from Cynthia, customer care expert at FauxWoodBeams.com.

We don’t normally share pictures of projects that are ‘in process.’ But these photos sent in by customer Bob Weatherwax are worth making an exception.

Arched trusses installed in Bob's living room.

Arched trusses installed

As you can see from the BEFORE picture, Bob’s project started with a simple apex ceiling with recessed lights, which he clad in gleaming white oak planks. Next, he wanted to install classic arched wooden trusses – with lengths of timber following the apex of the ceiling, and running flush in parallel – all connected by the trusses in between.

In some ways, you could describe the design as ‘simple’ – after all, each arch would only consist of three lengths of faux timber. But in reality it’s still a pretty daunting project to embark on and that’s where our customer care team came into play.

Bob called us at 1 (800) 651-4223 and spoke to Cynthia, one of our trusted experts in faux wood products. She worked closely with Bob while he planned, outlined and designed his entire project – and supported him through the entire process with product details, measurements, customization options and years worth of practical experience.


In the end, Cynthia helped ensure Bob ordered exactly the right products for his design – Custom Rough Sawn Beams, and Rough Sawn Arched Beams to go in the middle of each one. Bob ordered them unfinished and then stained them himself – again, with expert guidance from Cynthia.

Thanks to her partnership, Bob’s project ended up looking incredible – and now it’s installed we couldn’t wait for the rest of the room to get completed – we wanted to show it to you now!

Thanks to Cynthia's expert guidance, Bob's truss installation was done smoothly with incredible results.

Thanks to Cynthia’s expert guidance, Bob’s truss installation was done smoothly with incredible results.

But if nothing else, this triumphant design demonstrates one of our core values – making sure we help you bring your vision to life exactly as you envisioned it. We don’t just sell you ‘stuff’ and dust off our hands. We’re your partners throughout the process; and we take personal pride in every project we see get completed. They might not all be as dramatic as Bob’s – but we’re proud to be involved in each and every one.

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