Residential & Commercial Building Design Assistance

Our knowledgeable support staff features design engineers and consultants who have years of experience in the field along with engineering degrees. They understand that the needs of builders and contractors are different than those of designers, architects or home owners, and can give you both the information and support you need to complete the job flawlessly.

If you need cost effective alternative for trusses, decorative beams and more, we can help you find the right product for the job. Our consultants can also work with you on quoting jobs and blueprint takeoffs. We pride ourselves on the ability to assist you to the fullest in order to achieve your end goal while saving you valuable time and labor costs.

Our foam ceiling beams are manufactured from lightweight, durable polyurethane foam, molded to look like the real thing. They easily withstand all sorts of weather conditions, weigh a fraction of a real wood product the same size and many are available with Firerated Polyurethane.

Lighter than the Real Thing:

Polyurethane foam allows us to create a beam that is highly realistic in look and texture but weighs far less. On average our beams weigh 1 ¼ lbs or less per square foot making them easy for one man to lift even some of our largest beams. Requiring less manpower to carry and install means that you’ll be saving on both time and labor costs during your build. Heavy machinery and rigging associated with installing real wood beams aren’t necessary with most of our products and potential safety concerns are far lower.

Durable and Realistic:

While they look indistinguishable from real wood, our decorative beams won’t suffer from warping, cracking, checking, fading or deterioration. Pests such as termites won’t even touch the stuff. This means that there is virtually no long term maintenance. Following proper installation techniques, our beams will stay looking just as beautiful years down the road as they did when first installed.

Easy to Install:

Whereas a real wood beam can be bulky and heavy (especially at some of the longer lengths) placing undue stress on your structure, faux wood beams are extremely lightweight and don’t require the same amount of structural support. Most often a one or two man team can install ceiling beams or a truss system in any room in no time. Another advantage over real wood is that our beams can be cut with practically any type of standard wood cutting tool which makes scribing, mitering or installing recessed lighting a simple task. The same bit you would use on ½” plywood can be used perfectly with our products.

Custom Sizes Available:

Whether you need a beam that is 5’ long, 20’ long, or anything in-between, we can help you out. While we do list stock sizes available on the individual product pages, we also have a number of custom beams which can be ordered in practically any width, height or length (up to 24’). Just because it isn’t listed as an option on the page doesn’t mean we can’t accommodate you. Give our customer service reps a call and they’ll work with you to find the right size and style or the best alternative for your project

Benefits for Commercial Building Design:

  • Maximize your time and manpower efficiency
  • Overall project costs reduced
  • Custom sizes available
  • Virtually no long term maintenance required
  • Firerated Polyurethane available
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Perfect for all interior, exterior, residential or commercial applications
Our decorative beams can be used practically anywhere or in any design plan.