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Casino design is a delicate balance between being enticing and flashy without looking cheap or tacky.

With the proper design innovation you can cover all of your bases and cater to all potential visitors. Sometimes this means creating a unified design that will work throughout the casino floor and other times it means having the right look for the right people in the right section. Faux wood beams are a solution to all of your needs and concerns about remodeling older looks and creating brand new spaces.

Most importantly is making sure that renovations or building a new casino doesn't go over budget, doesn't take too much time to complete and looks great in the end. The beauty of beams, compared to the real thing, is that it takes less people to do the job, is easier to install, is available at an affordable price point and there is a style, finish and size that will work for your design ideas.

Faux’s polyurethane material is also highly resistant to wear and tear, fading, moisture and pests. This means that there is no costly upkeep and it can be used on interiors, exteriors, in pool rooms, bedrooms, convention halls and more with ease. The large array of products and custom beam sizes means that you can add everything from a few corbels as accents to massive truss designs to hide unsightly steel beams. The possibilities are practically endless.

If you already have existing wood fixtures in your casino but want to add something newer to the look, our beams can be purchased unfinished and then finished to match. They're so realistic looking that people will think they were part of the original design and won't be able to tell the difference. Since they're made from a lightweight material, you won't need to factor in hidden costs from adding new or further support structures to handle the weight like you would with real wood of the same size.

There are also a number of beams available with firerated polyurethane. Building codes often require fire rated materials in lobbies, fire exit hallways, and more for increased safety. With these beams you can add a beautiful, realistic touch to your designs that is also safe. We're certain that the casino design you're envisioning will be beautifully enhanced with the warmth and beauty of faux wood beams.


  • Firerated Polyurethane Available
  • Save on Installation & Labor Costs
  • No Upkeep Necessary
  • Durable & Resistant
  • Beautifully Realistic Appearance
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Our Customers say:

We specced your faux wood beams for this ceiling design so that we could lessen construction time and save on labor costs. Had we done this with real wood it would have been much harder and longer to complete.

We've gotten so many compliments about the design of our convention rooms and your beams were the perfect finishing touch. Thanks for such a great product!

To cover the steel I-beams above our pool we ordered custom woodland beams because of their moisture resistance and the ability to get sizes large enough fit right over the structure. We also painted the exposed steel structure to match the wood.