Faux Wood Viga Tails


Faux viga tails or vigas are a great way to dress up the exterior of your home or building. Sturdy, inexpensive and easy to install, the tails easily recreate the look of real viga beams typically found in adobe-style construction.

Whether you are sprucing up your mansion in Mesa, restaurant in Reno or hotel in Haverford, viga tails are excellent for both residential and commercial applications.

Made from highly-durable polyurethane, the tails can be exposed to harsh weather conditions, insects and other damaging elements for years without deteriorating. This material is also maintenance-free, so once installed you don’t need to worry or spend money on upkeep.

Viga tails offer a dramatic decorative touch that won’t strain your wallet or your patience!


  • Lightweight
  • Natural look for a fraction of the cost of real wood
  • Low installation cost
  • Durable—polymer construction will not rot
  • Easy to install
  • Will not warp, crack or split
  • Rodent, insect and bird-proof