Commercial Design Ideas

Enhance Your Design Effectively

Enhancing your commercial design ideas may seem daunting but faux wood beams can make it simpler.

Trying to add a touch of wood to your ceilings, walls or exteriors can be a hassle due to added weight, expensive machinery, build teams and lengthy installation. Faux is the lightweight alternative that maintains that gorgeous real wood look.

Our products are created using molds of real wood so they feature all of the same great grain patterns, texture, tool marks and more. While they look exactly like wood, they’re resistant to warping, cracking, fading, pests, moisture and all sorts of weather. No matter if they're used indoors or as exterior accents our beams will stay looking great for years.

Also, unlike real wood, our beams are light enough for one or two people to easily lift and install them which will save you on labor costs. The simple installation process will lead to a fast turnaround time so your business will be up and running quickly instead of being closed for extended periods of time due to remodeling. They are also virtually maintenance free so you won't need to worry about any costly upkeep associated with them.

There are 1000s of sizes to choose from with our custom beams. Whether you need a few small accents or something to span the length of your establishment, there's a beam for you. With the addition of decorative straps you can easily hide any seams when using multiple beams to fit a length. Our assortment of corbels also let you add a beautiful finishing touch.


  • Lightweight & Easy to Install
  • Cost effective
  • High Quality & Realistic Appearance
  • Maintenance Free
  • Fire Rated Beams Available
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Our Customers say:

The client was looking for a lightweight alternative to real wood and your company was a great fit. We have been very impressed with your customer service and attention to detail. You have helped us with everything from alternate beam designs to setting up freight for product delivery. Keep up the good work!!!

Chad - idX Corporation

We just completed construction of our new gymnasium at our school. We wanted to give it a lodge look and was told about Faux Wood Beams. After researching other products we made the decision to go with Faux beams based on the look, the price and what appeared to be the ease of installation. We were not disappointed. As a matter of fact I am the CFO of the school and I was the one who installed the beams since it was not in our contractor's scope. I would recommend the product to anyone, commercial or residential that is looking for an authentic wood look without spending enormous sums of money. Best of all you can do it yourself.

Doug M.
Loganville, Georgia

Thanks for the great product and making TCR Alexan Springs II look so good.

JBS Custom Home Crafters
Granite Bay, CA