Corbel Designs – Photo Gallery

Corbels are simple accents that can go a long way, adding visual interest and polish to your new build or renovation design plans. On the exterior, corbels are often used under the roof line, under windows and around moldings – adding a touch of elegance for enhanced curb appeal. Indoors they can add detail to ceiling beams, truss systems, mantels or around doorways.

Take a look at these photographs to see how our corbels have been used on home interiors and exteriors all around the country. Homeowners and professional builders alike have found interesting and varied ways to create signature looks just by adding a few corbels to their plans.


Artificial wood corbels are a great way to add on to existing design elements to give them an interesting touch. 2.
DIY corbels exhibited here, adding the look of real wood underneath each of this home's gables.
Wood outdoor corbels stained gray to match a home's trim and window shutters.
Scroll shaped outdoor wood corbels installed above a home's garage door.
Give your exterior home plans a unified look with matching faux wood corbels to accent the design. 7.
Fake corbels add the genuine look of wood to this home's roof line and underneath a second story balcony.
Close-up view of scroll style imitation corbels lined underneath a home's jettied second floor.
Polyurethane foam corbels add appealing architectural detail to a home with a multi-planed roof.
Fake wooden corbels embellish a home's exterior design easily with no maintenance required.