Design Ideas with Custom Beams

Custom Faux Beams

Custom beams are especially made to give you more flexibility in sizing options so that you’ll easily find the ones that suit your wood ceiling design.

Any of these beams can be cut to the exact height and length you choose. Available in more than a thousand sizes, we’ll get you the beam that’s best for you.

Adding to the possibilities you can get with your custom beams, you can also choose from our many style variations and the colors they come in. All are available in the unfinished style, allowing you to paint or stain them as you desire. With the exception of the Smooth beams, all also come in Walnut color. In addition, some of the beams are available in Java, Cinnamon, Light Oak, and Cedar colors. This gives you a limitless number of options, and makes it easy for you to pick the perfect beam.

The custom beams share the same naturalistic texture and look of genuine wood as all our other beams, and will grace your home or business just as beautifully. The added benefit is that you’ll find the beams that suit your sizing needs. Even more, their light weight polyurethane construction makes installing them easy to do. There’s no need to install supports or hire professionals. You’ll have your project done in no time.

Highly durable and requiring no maintenance, custom faux wood beams in your new design give you many more options compared to real wood beams. Sparing you the inconveniences of actual wood, you’ll find peace of mind knowing your beams won’t decay, chip, crack or fade. Wood-damaging insects will leave them alone, too.

As customers continue to share their many ideas for ceiling designs with us, we are still awed by all the ways custom wood beams create such beautiful designs. Whether they involve a single beam in a kitchen ceiling or an elaborate truss in a great room, the possibilities for a gorgeous design are nearly limitless.

Our Customers say:

These beams are very well engineered and assembled. I took my time performing all the measurements and cuts. I was amazed at how well hidden the screw heads were. I had opted for the unfinished version so I could customize the color. I followed the installation instructions provided by FauxWoodBeams, and everything came out great!

Patrick G.

The finished product looks great! We ordered the beams and we primed and finished them ourselves. It was easy and a fun project to do together. After they were installed in our kitchen, it made the whole room feel warm and cozy. I Love it!

Santa Rosa, California

Your beams made a perfect finishing touch to what could have been a pretty boring roof line in this home. I have attached some photos of the finished product. We finished these unfinished beams and put them through the great room and kitchen areas of the home. Finishing it took us about 2 days and was done just 4 days before the customers took possession. Nice product and great to work with.

Rick L.
Edmonton, Canada

View Our Custom Beams:

Custom Timber

This highly popular style possesses a warm, down-to-earth quality reminiscent of an old-world cottage that will add easy charm to any setting. View Product

Custom Woodland

Custom Woodland beams provide you with the opportunity to bring a classy elegance to your interior designs. The soft and natural-looking grain style increases visual appeal while blending in with other design elements. View Product

Custom Beachwood

Beachwood will breathe fresh air into your design with its gently sandblasted texture, creating a beautiful yet mellow atmosphere. View Product

Custom Rough Sawn

The Custom Rough Sawn beam adds an inviting appeal to a room. The lightly distressed texture and look of genuine sawn wood give any ceiling enhanced beauty. View Product

Custom Reclaimed

These faux antique beams offer the look of wood that’s been exposed to the elements for a century or more, but are far more cost-effective, reliably in stock and easier to install. View Product

Custom Rough Hewn

Molded from real rough cut wood, these beams offer a particularly rustic look – splendidly replicating the wood’s distinct texture full of ridges, lines and grooves. View Product

Custom Tuscany

The majestic and naturalistic look of the Custom Tuscany beam gives a comforting, rustic ambiance to rooms. With a grain texture possessing deep grooves and hand distressed style, it’s easy to add allure to any space. View Product

Custom Heritage

Heritage effortlessly mimics the appearance of aged, weathered wood with a beautifully exaggerated grain. Full of character and sure to catch the eye. View Product

Custom Heavy Sandblasted

The deeper grooves and flowing lines of these sandblasted beams make for a nice way to create a lively ambience in a room. The pronounced texture will enhance any décor. View Product

Custom Driftwood

Lightly distressed with soft ridges, knots and winding grain lines, Driftwood will add a calming touch to any home near or far from the sea. View Product

Custom Hand Hewn

Made from actual hand hewn wood, these custom ceiling beams replicate the stylish detail of authentic hand-cut beams. For Old-World charm, install them with ease in your bedroom, living room, dining, and more.View Product

Custom Resawn

Crafted from molds made of old resawn lumber, these beams have sweeping, shallow lines with a unique grain texture. They bring an inviting ambiance to any ceiling design. View Product

Custom Smooth Recessed

Soft and inviting, these Smooth Beams feature a recessed top when you want casual elegance with a little more visual detail. View Product

Custom Smooth

The clean lines and non-distressed texture of Custom Smooth will anchor your design with relaxed and tasteful appeal. View Product