Assistance with your Interior Design Ideas

The personable staff at FauxWoodBeams™ is here to take your call and assist however we can on your interior design ideas. With engineers and consultants on staff who have years of experience in the field and degrees in engineering, any question or concern you may have can be answered. Our helpful support staff understands the needs of designers and will work with you to find the right product to fit your needs. Click here view a list of our clients.

No matter what sort of faux wood ceiling beams, corbels or rafter tails you may need, we have the size, style and color to suit your project. From the realistic distressed look of a Custom Axed beam to the natural look of raised grain beam or the smooth clean lines of Regal, all our faux wood products are molded from the real thing for an unsurpassed look and texture. With practically 1000s of custom sizes available, we’re certain we can help your design plans shine.

Want to make sure our beams are right for your project? Our Builders’ Kits are free for Designers, Builders and Architects. All of our samples are real cuts from our beams, not specially created samples. What you get in your Builders’ Kit is exactly what we offer on our site.

Designer Assistance & Support:

We can help you find the right alternatives for your interior design ideas, help with job estimation, blueprint takeoffs and more. We’ll make sure you get the right product to create your vision while helping you save time and stay on budget. If something you’re looking at just won’t work, with our expertise we can direct you to a comparable, usable alternative. Our engineers and consultants can help answer any of your questions if you’re uncertain about specifications.

Firerated Polyurethane Available:

In the interests of safety and meeting or exceeding local building codes, we offer beams that are made from fire rated foam or coated in Flame Seal® fire retardant coating. We strive to be the best at what we do and what we offer, so the safety of our customers and their clients are a priority for us. If your home designs, commercial office plans or interior hotel layouts require a firerated polyurethane product, but you aren’t certain which beam you need or will fit your vision, give our engineers a call and we’ll be happy to find you the right product or best alternative.

Realistic Look & Texture:

Some people have concerns that “faux wood” means “fake looking” but that can’t be further from the truth. All of our faux wood ceiling beams are created using molds taken from real wood. This lets them mimic the look and texture of the real, natural original. The polyurethane foam material perfectly copies all the grain, nooks, patterns, distress marks or tools marks that can be found in an individual beams. Once they’re up on the ceiling, part of a truss or as accents around the home, no one will be able to tell that they aren’t the real thing.

Faux Wood Benefits for Designer Professionals:

  • Free Builders’ Kit available
  • Molded for realistic look and texture
  • Engineers and Consultants on staff to help
  • Firerated polyurethane and coating available
  • 1000s of Custom Sizes available
  • Durable, lightweight material
  • Great styles options to suit your needs
Gorgeous interior design ideas are within your grasp with faux wood beams.