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In this Thanksgiving themed episode, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition went to Delaware to visit the Dunning Family of Jusst Sooup Ministries. Our faux wood ceiling beams were shipped down to Delaware for the build. The unfinished beams were then stained by volunteers before being used in a timber truss design.

Rev. Dale Dunning, her Husband Ken, and their son Brooks run Jusst Sooup Ministries which is totally supported and funded by the Dunnings and donations. Through their work, and volunteer help, Jusst Sooup Ministries feeds and clothes the hungry and homeless.

Photo Gallery

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DF-1. Timber
Timber truss designs with faux wood can extend to lengths that would be costly with the real thing. DF-2. Timber
While faux wood ceiling beams make great trusses but can also be used to help frame room designs. DF-3. Timber
DF-4. Timber
The beautiful dining room gets an added touch from faux timber beams used as accents. DF-5. Timber
Volunteers stain and paint faux wood ceiling beams in preparation for use throughout the house later. DF-6. Timber
This timber truss design went up in a snap and looks incredible. DF-7. Timber
DF-8. Timber
DF-9. Timber
Faux wood ceiling beams are lightweight enough for two workman to install it on the ceiling with ease. DF-10. Timber
Prep for the timber truss design doesn’t stop just because the sun goes down. DF-11. Timber
DF-12. Timber
Volunteers gather around our faux wood ceiling beams while preparing for the day’s build. DF-13. Timber
DF-14. Timber

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