Exterior Design Ideas

Boost Curb Appeal with Faux Style

First impressions are important, which is why the exterior appearance of a home, office or storefront is vital to maintaining property value or attracting new customers – in additional to a personal desire to make it look great.

Whether you’re planning a major overhaul or just want to enhance an exterior with a few small design touches, our products will help you achieve an inspired look – at a smaller cost and in less time than using real wood.

While our beams, planks and other products are highly popular for use in interior remodeling and design, the realm of possibilities for exterior design is wide-reaching.

These include beams used to build dramatic truss designs above an entrance, or cover front porch columns with rustic character. Also, log siding added to a home, garage or outbuilding will quickly create the look of a cozy frontier cabin. Other products like planks, corbels, rafter tails and headers beautifully accent rooflines, windows, doors, overhangs and more.

Faux wood possesses the same grain patterns, texture, and other characteristics of real wood without the drawbacks. Molded in highly-durable, high-density polyurethane, faux is impervious to the outdoor elements that would damage and degrade natural wood over time. Even after years of exposure, the material won’t rot, warp, twist, crack or fade. There’s also very little need for maintenance – no annual sealing or painting required.

While incredibly durable, our faux products are also extremely lightweight – making installation easy for either a DIY’er or professional builder. A simple, fast installation also reduces costs by eliminating the need for an expensive crew that could normally take weeks to finish your project.

A large selection of styles, finish choices and custom sizes are available to suit any style home or building. Take a look at the photos and testimonials from past customers who’ve used faux products outdoors and see how you might make your own exterior a design frontrunner.


  • Authentic appearance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy installation for DIY’ers or professionals
  • Weatherproof with little to no maintenance
  • Wide range of styles and sizes
Our Customers say:

We are in a new sub-division where every house has stark white plastic exterior columns. Wondering what would be cost effective and aesthetically pleasing as a DIY solution, we stumbled across FauxWoodBeams.com. There was only one testimonial photo on the website showing exterior columns, so we were hesitant at first.

The 4 sided beam product we selected as easy to cut with a hand saw; we chose a long beam and cut it in half. I was able to use a pneumatic finishing nailer to attach the 4th side in place while the glue dried. A bit of brown caulking made the seam invisible.

The neighbors have been coming up to the house to ask how we did it. Even caught someone taking pictures the other day. Knowing also that these columns will withstand a Canadian winter is fantastic! We are very pleased with the outcome.


For this exterior renovation, the goal was to return this lackluster home to it's original 1930s Mediterranean style. The Faux Wood "Raisedgrain Corbels" and "Board and Batten Three-Board Shutters" were added and made a dramatic difference. Easy to install and lightweight, these architectural details were key in transforming this home's facade.

Brian Dittmar Design
San Francisco, CA

Two of the cove corbels were installed on the front of the house as an architectural feature. Two more willl be installed to complete the exterior line. The faux wood has the look and feel of the real thing and holds paint like wood. At only a fraction of the weight as wood, the corbels are easy to install with construction adhesive and screws. They complete the craftsman look of the house and give the appearance of holding up the second floor.

Michael A.
Ocean Park, WA