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Faux Viga Tails

Viga tails are a classic design element of Southwest US homes in the Adobe/Pueblo style. The iconic look of Pueblo style homes is immediately recognizable due to its large walls, flat roofs and the viga tails poking through near the roofline.

Faux wood viga tails are a modern addition to the design that recreates the look of real wood but is more affordable, more durable and lower maintenance.

By using molds taken from real vigas, we’re able to perfectly recreate the look of the wood grain and texture down to the smallest detail with high-density polyurethane foam. Resistant to cracking, warping, moisture, rot, pests, deterioration and UV degradation; artificial wood viga tails are everything you want in a Santa Fe style home without all the hassles of real wood.

Thanks to their light weight and DIY-friendly design, enhancing the curb appeal of your home by adding the look of viga tails to your exterior is simple. Whether you’re a first time DIYer or a professional in the field; you’ll save on time, labor costs and cleanup as compared to using the real thing. Replace older, worn out, or deteriorating viga tails with our faux wood version and you’ll have a beautifully eye-catching touch that will stay looking great for years.

Benefits of Faux Wood Viga Tails:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Realistic Look
  • Weatherproof
  • Resistant to rot, pests, etc.
  • Adds curb appeal
Our Customers say:

Without vigas, our home just wouldn’t look right but I wanted something that didn’t need replacing and upkeep all the time. Your fake viga tails were the perfect solution.

The original wood had seen better days and needed replacing. Looking for more affordable options lead us to your website. The faux viga tails we ordered honestly look better than the real thing ever did.

Faux vigas tails were the finishing touch our modern Pueblo Style home needed! We’ve recommended you to a few friends with similar houses. Thanks!

Faux wood viga tail with mounting flange for easy install in a variety of settings.

Viga Tails with Mounting Flange

Faux viga tails are a perfect finishing touch whether your home is a Modern Pueblo, Contemporary Adobe or Sante Fe style. Durable, affordable and maintenance-free; viga tails lend that traditional touch without the hassles of traditional wood construction.View Product

The Pueblo Viga Tail has a more rugged, hand cut appearance.

Pueblo Viga Tails

Pueblo viga tails add a rustic, historic touch to the exteriors of modern Pueblo style homes found in the Southwest US. Unlike real wood, these artificial wood alternatives are resistant to UV degradation, cracking, splitting, warping and more.View Product