Beautiful Ceilings with Faux Beams

Design Made Easy

Beautiful ceilings are made easily and cost-effectively with faux beams; their realistic texture providing the look of genuine wood without the prohibitive labor or expense.

Creating designs with these beams is very simple. Their light weight offers the added benefits of not having to install extra supports, hire professional builders, or worry about a long, drawn-out process. And their hardwearing polyurethane material is far more durable and maintenance-free than real wood. Enjoying the warm appeal of wood in your home, office or business is now easier than ever.

Over the years, our customers have shared many of their projects with us. We continue to be amazed at the versatility the beams have for successful remodeling. Projects range from simple coffered ceilings to more complex truss designs. In between, a single ceiling beam can add a visual accent to a room while multiple beams can be lined up parallel to each other, creating a cozy atmosphere. The design possibilities are practically unlimited.

With a much greater number of applications than real wood allows, the potential of faux is amazing. If you’re looking for a way to enhance a living room or kitchen, create a sophisticated atmosphere in your restaurant, or add warmth to a bedroom, these beams are a fantastic choice.

Our Customers say:

I told you I would send in pictures of my kitchen remodel. This is the wall with the matching island. I am so happy with your product and have tons of compliments. People want to know what it is, and where I got it. It's hard shooting a picture into the light, so had to have the blinds closed. Hopefully this will give you an idea. You have great customer service and everything was well packaged with no damage.

Jackie W.

We've gotten so many compliments about the design of our convention rooms and your beams were the perfect finishing touch. Thanks for such a great product!

Mike and Wendy D.
Georgetown, ON, Canada

Delivery time was much less than expected. The product was excellent quality and easy to work with though it took time.

Steve L.
Allentown, PA

Commercial interior design with faux timber is affordable and low maintenance.


With their stately and realistic look, the Timber beam adds a classic, rustic elegance to any room. They present an ideal way to upgrade your designs without the inconvenience and cost of heavier real wood beams. View Product

Add subtle, sweeping lines to your interior design ideas with faux sandblasted beams.


The striking, flowing lines in the sandblasted grain of a wood beam create a lively, upbeat ambiance in a room. Sandblasted fake wood beams easily reproduce this effect when installed on a ceiling, and bring a flowing, engaging dynamic. View Product


For a ceiling design with a luxurious and stately look, chamfered synthetic wood beams are the way to go. Their 45-degree angled edges and highly realistic look replicate the classy style of traditional, hand-hewn beams. View Product

Pecky Cypress

Actual Pecky Cypress is a unique and coveted wood with a motley assortment of grooves and burrows that add inimitable character to any ceiling design. Our faux Pecky Cypress beams are indistinguishable reproductions of the real thing. Budget-friendly and environmentally sound, they are a stylish addition to any room. View Product


The smooth and radiant look and texture of Regal beams lends a calm, but dignified feel in ceiling designs. They easily perk up a room while balancing the elements of the décor. View Product

Regal 2

These fake beams evoke a quiet charm that will enhance the beauty of any room. With a soft texture, a slightly recessed exposed surface, and an elegant white finish, Regal 2 beams add a laid-back, summery feel to a room. View Product


The distressed, hand-hewn texture of these rustic ceiling beams conjure the laid-back charm of the southwest. Their deep grooves and swaying lines add a casual elegance, and are perfect in a kitchen, den, great room and more. View Product

Raised Grain

The pronounced notches and lines of the raised grain beam come from the real wood master mold that we sandblast for added character and style. Also available as a four-sided beam, they can be used in building stunning truss designs. View Product

Rough Sawn

The Rough Sawn ceiling beam invites a casual charm to any room in your home. With the appearance of real sawn wood, they possess all the lightly-distressed marks of the actual thing. View Product


Windswept beams possess the look of weather-beaten wood from an old farmhouse. You’ll love the relaxed effect they inspire. Install them indoors and out. The transformation is unmistakeable. View Product


The delicate graining of the Belmont ceiling beam makes for a pleasing appearance that adds a mellow feel to a room’s atmosphere. The beam’s corners have a nice beading, which give it a graceful look. View Product