Beautiful Ceilings with Faux Beams

Design Made Easy

Beautiful ceilings are made easily and cost-effectively with faux beams; their realistic texture providing the look of genuine wood without the prohibitive labor or expense.

Creating designs with these beams is very simple. Their light weight offers the added benefits of not having to install extra supports, hire professional builders, or worry about a long, drawn-out process. And their hardwearing polyurethane material is far more durable and maintenance-free than real wood. Enjoying the warm appeal of wood in your home, office or business is now easier than ever.

Over the years, our customers have shared many of their projects with us. We continue to be amazed at the versatility the beams have for successful remodeling. Projects range from simple coffered ceilings to more complex truss designs. In between, a single ceiling beam can add a visual accent to a room while multiple beams can be lined up parallel to each other, creating a cozy atmosphere. The design possibilities are practically unlimited.

With a much greater number of applications than real wood allows, the potential of faux is amazing. If you’re looking for a way to enhance a living room or kitchen, create a sophisticated atmosphere in your restaurant, or add warmth to a bedroom, these beams are a fantastic choice.

Our Customers say:

I told you I would send in pictures of my kitchen remodel. This is the wall with the matching island. I am so happy with your product and have tons of compliments. People want to know what it is, and where I got it. It's hard shooting a picture into the light, so had to have the blinds closed. Hopefully this will give you an idea. You have great customer service and everything was well packaged with no damage.

Jackie W.

We are very happy with the beautiful, natural driftwood faux wood beams installed in our living room. The grain, color, sheen are all natural and subtle; they look very authentic. Customer service was helpful in sending a variety of samples, determining the size to order, and tracking the progress. Our contractor found them easy to install. They've transformed our room!


The finished product looks great! We ordered the beams and we finished them ourselves. It was easy and a fun project to do together. After they were installed in our kitchen, it made the whole room feel warm and cozy. I Love it!

Santa Rosa, California