Rafter Tails

Perfect for any roof design.

Faux wood rafter tails easily add polish and visual detail to any type of roof.

Our Customers say:

I wasn’t sure about installing rafter tails when we redid our exterior, even though I loved the look. Turns out it was easy, and they’re weathering beautifully. I didn’t go for wood because I was afraid it would look dingy too fast. These are holding up great.

John Terry, ID.

Our contractor suggested your double bullnose rafter tails. So glad I listened.

William Scotch, NJ

Never knew what a rafter tail was until I moved to Arizona and redid a house. It’s part of the that “southwest look” you have to have but replacing a lot of them – and they go all around my house -- gets pricy. Thank goodness I found your site. I was able to save money and preserve the style. These should last better than the prior ones did, too. Thank you!

Barry Green, AZ


A simple design can yield impressive results. Bullnose rafter tails are commonly associated with southwestern roof designs but can be used practically anywhere to enhance your exterior home design. View Product

Double Bullnose

For an elegant addition to your roof design, try double bullnose rafter tails. It’s the perfect detail to create the look of an Amsterdam-style townhouse or to finish an Adirondack cottage. View Product


Curves are in style and Crown Rafter Tails are a charming detail for any home. No matter what style your home, Crown Rafter Tails are a graceful addition.View Product


The gentle slope of Cove Rafter Tails complements a wide variety of architectural styles. Polyurethane construction makes them the perfect weather-resistant choice for a summer hideaway, winter cabin or a year-round home.View Product


For a rustic roof design, you won’t find a better choice than these slanted rafter tails. The raised grain finish will fool everyone into thinking you used expensive real wood.View Product


For a classic look that will enhance virtually any home, Scroll Rafter Tails are the way to go. Whether painted or finished, they’re the perfect detail for enhancing your home’s curb appeal.View Product

Open Nose

These faux wood rafter tails have the expensive look of a cut-out beam but at a fraction of the price, plus its polyurethane construction means it’s much more durable. You never have to worry about water or snow collecting in the groove and rotting the wood. Beauty and durable can go hand in hand.View Product


For a modern look, square-cut rafter tails are the way to go. Extremely versatile, they can create a neo-Tudor look, Vienna chalet style or the appearance of a South Beach villa.View Product

Real Wood

If you absolutely have to have the real thing, you can get wood versions of each of our rafter tail styles. Our wood rafter tails are more durable than most with a budget friendly price. They’re even permanently sealed to prevent cracking.View Product

Whether your home is Arts & Crafts style, Southwestern or a country cottage, rafter tails will spruce up any roof design. Faux wood construction makes it practical and easy to install. Unlike real wood, faux wood rafter tails stand up beautifully to everything Mother Nature can throw at it. They even have zero UV degradation. You can also do it yourself – a contractor isn’t required for this home improvement project.

Benefits of using faux wood rafter tails in your roof design:

  • Easy installation
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Resistant to damaging insects, pests, and climate
  • Made of high-quality, lightweight, and durable polyurethane
  • Ships right to your — or your business’ — front door
  • Comes in both finished and unfinished styles so you can match any color
  • Available in a huge array of styles and textures