Rustic Ceiling Beams – Heavily Distressed

  • Decorative ceiling beams in the Timber style installed in a living room.
  • Distressed wood ceiling beams installed on kitchen's vaulted ceiling.
  • A rustic ceiling beam divides a kitchen from the dining area.
  • Decorative beams form ornamental trusses in a high-ceilinged living room.
  • Heavily distressed beams in a coffered pattern installed on a restaurant ceiling.

About Heavily Distressed

Decorative ceiling beams are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to dramatically improve the décor of a room or exterior. This versatile range of styles that fall under the heavily distressed category will help you set the mood, whether you’re looking for old-world rustic, cottage, Mediterranean or Tuscan flair. The beams can be used in any type of project, from adding one simple beam accent to building an elaborate truss.

The beams are made of tough, durable yet lightweight polyurethane, but replicate the minute details of wood to the point where you won’t be able to tell them apart. This material also never rots, warps or cracks. It stand ups to all forms of wear and tear without fading or peeling – even when used outdoors.

The beams are available in a choice of 3 or 4 sided; the 3-sided are ideal to install over existing structural beams, pipes, wires and more. Because the faux wood is super-lightweight, handling and installation are a breeze.

Unfinished versions are available so you can create exactly the color you want through paint. They’re also available in a medium Walnut and many are available in other colors like Cinnamon, Java and Light Oak.

Curved beams are also available at a fraction of the price a real wood beam would cost. Our custom sizing means that you can create virtually any design you want.

These incredibly realistic looking beams will add beauty to any room. Try them in a family room or den, a vacation home, a guest bedroom or a large, eat-in gourmet kitchen. They could be the finishing touch to make your house the warm, inviting space it was meant to be.