Lightly Distressed Faux Wood Beams™


These beams with their various lightly distressed wood textures can dramatically enhance a room or exterior, simply and cost-effectively. They give any setting a cozy, inviting ambience with their uncanny look of natural wood.

Crafted in molds of genuine wood, faux beams capture its most minute details of color and texture. Despite their authentic appearance, they’re made of lightweight, highly durable polyurethane, saving you huge cost and installation headaches. The beams also hold up beautifully to wear and tear, and won’t fade, crack or peel, even with outdoor exposure.

Thanks to the versatility of these styles, you can create a variety of designs inspired by Tudor, Swiss Chalet or traditional post-and-beam architecture. They’re distinctive and casually elegant. The faux beams are also ideal for creating truss systems, with curved beam options for many of these styles.

A variety of color options are available, or can ordered Unfinished if you prefer to paint or stain them yourself. You can also choose your beams with three or four sides. Three-sided can be installed over wiring, pipes, existing smaller beams, etc. Four-sided beams are hollow so wires can be run through them.

Try the relaxed appeal of their lightly distressed texture in a den or family room, to bring out the coziness in a state-of-the-art kitchen, inside a guest bedroom or throughout your vacation home. The beams will add subtle warmth and style, making your house a welcoming oasis.