Non-Distressed Beams


Design Made Simple

Any of the beams from the Non-Distressed line offer a simple and cost-effective means to bring subtle impact, warmth and charm to any room. The beams’ durable and lightweight polyurethane material makes them easy to handle and install, while amazingly replicating real wood down to the minutest details of texture and coloring.

The non-distressed finishes are diverse enough to allow for a wide range of design styles, but all offer a clean, defined look that will bring sophistication to your interior space. They would work brilliantly in a home office, a semi-casual dining area, a gourmet kitchen, an elegantly casual guest bedroom or in almost any situation. They’re modern, sleek and work with the other design elements of the room to add casual polish and tie everything together.

Another advantage of these beams is that their smooth surfaces are perfect for faux painting, staining or stenciling if you want to create a more personalized look.

All beam styles are available as three-sided beams so they can be installed easily over wiring, pipes and existing small beams. It’s also easy to install speakers, lights, ceiling fans, etc. through them.

Thanks to their polyurethane construction, they won’t warp, twist or rot like natural wood can – even when installed in outdoor settings. Termites won’t like them either so you’ll have great looks for many years to come.