Faux Wood Ceiling Beams View all

  • Ceiling beams made from faux wood installed in a well-appointed living room.
  • Faux wood beams were used to build these beautiful decorative trusses in a lake house.
  • Faux beams in the Tuscany style installed on a restaurant ceiling.
  • Fake beams arranged in a grid pattern on a living room's recessed ceiling.
  • Faux ceiling beams paired with white planks in a converted garage.
  • Artificial wood beams installed on kitchen's tray ceiling.
  • Fake ceiling beams in Hand Hewn style installed in a great room.
  • Floating ceiling beams in the Driftwood style.
  • Artificial beams used to build king post trusses above a hotel pool.
  • False ceiling beams in Rough Hewn style installed over planks on an A-frame ceiling.
  • Polyurethane foam beams used to create these living room trusses.

About Faux Ceiling Beams

Faux ceiling beams are a simple and budget friendly way to dramatically improve a room’s décor. They can accentuate ceilings of interiors, giving rooms a warm and cozy feeling with the exact look of real wood without the extra weight and expense.

We have the largest selection of faux ceiling beams on the market today. Available with three or four sides, the three-sided beams can be installed over existing structures such as smaller wood beams, structural steel beams, plumbing pipes and electrical wires or conduit. Because they are lightweight, handling and installation are easy.

How realistic are they? You won’t believe it until you see the accurate texture and grain. How do we do it? They’re crafted from molds made of genuine wood, yet they’re much lighter in weight, so cranes and heavy equipment aren’t needed to lift them.

These ceiling beams are made from rigid polyurethane for an easy installation and maintenance-free long life. They won’t warp, rot, twist or check like genuine wood can.

However, you still get the great beauty of natural wood. From classic Tuscany to Rough Sawn, and the ever popular Timber to new styles like Driftwood, we have a style and finish for every taste and décor.

Even better, we have custom sizes available for most finishes, which makes creating your perfect design easier. Many styles, like Hand Hewn, Heavy Sandblasted and Aspen are available in curved beam options, which opens up a wide variety of design options. They really create a stunning look.

If you want finish them yourself, all of our faux ceiling beams are delivered in a paint ready condition with a beige double-primer coat. Many styles are also available in several color options, such as medium Walnut, Cinnamon, Java and Light Oak.

Make sure you also check out our accessories such as matching corbels and decorative straps to customize your look even more.