The Faux Wood Beams How-To page features links that will help you to better understand the products we offer and how to install them. Click on any link to the left to get more information.

Have questions about faux wood beams, corbels and mantels? Our FAQ page features some of the more common questions that are asked by our customers. Anything that you are unsure of may already have been answered right here on the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have further questions, check out our Contact Us page to call, email or chat live with a Customer Service Representative.

If you're considering purchasing a beam but you're uncertain which is best for your design and needs, why not order a fully rebatable sample. Every sample is cut from an actual beam so that what you receive is exactly the same as what you would be buying. Sometimes seeing is believing... We're certain that after you've seen a beam sample up close and felt just how lightweight they are, that you'll be impressed by them. If you're a builder, designer or architect, check out the free Builder's Kits available.

Whether you've already purchased beams or are considering adding them to your home, check out the installation guides. We've made sure to keep them informative and DIY friendly. There are guides for practically everything including installing, cutting, painting, adding recessed lights and even repairing cracked beams. And once you're done enhancing your home or business, we'd love to see photos of the finished design!

Helpful faux wood beams installation tips and tricks. Skim through our frequently asked questions if there’s anything you’re unsure about. Order a sample or two if you can't decide which style you like best.

Builder's Kit

Check out our Free Builder’s Kit to receive actual cut samples of beams.