Support for Home Improvement Professionals

Faux wood beams are a perfect fit for home improvement professionals. Whether you’re an architect, builder, retailer, remodeler, or designer, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the best faux beam for you and your project. Let our team help you save time and money by sharing our expertise. Click here view a list of our clients.

Made from polyurethane polymer, our beams weigh a fraction of the real thing. You won’t need a team of men to lift even some of our longest beams. Since they’re so easy to handle and carry, and so simple to install, you’ll save on labor costs and increase efficiency without losing out on realism and beauty. Using molds of real wood to create our beams keep them looking incredible. No one will be able to tell the difference once they’re up on a wall or ceiling.

Our on-staff experts will offer support and advice to any professional working in the home improvement industry, and how our products can work for you. Check out the Builders' Kit page to receive actual cut samples of our beams (free for Builders, Designers and Architects) and if you need any further help, or have questions, just give our team a call or click the “Chat Live” button above.