How To Install Beams Suspended by Cables or Threaded Rods

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Tools and Supplies You'll Need

To complete your project you will at least need these basic tools:

  1. Tape measure
  2. Screw gun
  3. Stud finder
  4. Chalk line
  5. High Quality or Battery-powered Caulk Gun (recommended)
  6. PL Premium Advanced 3X Construction Adhesive (GL-PL3X)
  7. Screws
  8. Mollies (if necessary)
  9. Ladder (if necessary)
  10. Saw
  11. Blocks of wood
  12. Caulk / Wood Filler
  13. Pliers / Wrench

When suspending our Beams, Please refer to both the pictures below, along with the attached drawing for additional details/information.

Please note all of the following details which are CRITICAL for a proper/Viable Installation:

• Make sure that wherever the Beams are connecting to a wall, that Blocks are utilized at the connecting end of the Beams (i.e., against the wall) to insure they remain stable (see pictures and drawings for details).

• If Beams are not connecting to Walls, it is absolutely CRITICAL that Blocks with the Threaded Rods or Cables be spaced at every 3' O/C (On Center) or Less (if using larger O/D (Outside Dimension) Beams, approx. 2 1/2' O/C will create a much more stable/viable installation).

• When Installing the Blocks, NEVER make the blocks larger than the Beam opening (in fact, slightly smaller, i.e. 1/16" to 1/8" is usually better, as this will allow for the addition of the Adhesive). Making the Beams larger, however slight, than the Beam opening, can cause excess Pressure on the Seamed areas of the Beam itself when combined with the extra stress created by suspending them, and could cause the Manufactured Seams to start to separate. THIS WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER PRODUCT WARRANTY, as it this is deemed as improper installation, NOT product defect.

• In regards to actual Threaded Rod/Cable utilization, the size/shear strength of the cable must be determined by the installer based on the overall size and weight of the project and in accordance to standards and local building codes.

• It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to utilize both Pl Premium Advanced Construction Adhesive along the edges of the Blocks, along with a MINIMUM of 2 screws per side on each Block (more screws if using a larger O/D Beam than 8").

• If Beams are being Installed in a "Grid System" (i.e., perpendicular intersections as seen in the picture below), it is again CRITICAL that there are Blocks at each and every section where the Beams intersect/join for a proper and viable installation.

PLEASE NOTE that when installing any Beam Project, whether Real Wood or Faux, failure to completely and thoroughly follow the instructions outlined for that product / project, along with utilizing the proper strength Threaded Rods/Cables, mechanical fasteners, and / or adhesives when applicable, combined with adhering to construction and local Codes, along with the capabilities of your existing home / structure, can cause failure, and possible injury. Barron Designs LLC assumes NO responsibility or liability for any such possible events.

Blocking a Beam to a Wall

Suspended Grid Example with Cables