EMHE Joplin – Interior Design Photo Gallery

After being devastated by a multiple-vortex tornado back in May 2011, the town of Joplin, Missouri began the arduous task of cleaning up and rebuilding. Moved by some of the stories they heard, the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team decided rebuild the “Heart of America” by paying Joplin a visit.

In their most ambitious undertaking ever, EMHE chose to build seven homes in seven days for the deserving families in what would be the 200th and final episode of the series. Extreme Makeover asked us and our sister site, FauxPanels™, if we would provide materials for 5 of the 7 homes, to which we gladly agreed.

Seeing our various fake wood beams used as columns, mantels and decorative ceiling beams throughout the homes of the Joplin Families is an honor. We’re proud to have helped Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on so many builds over the years and thank them for the opportunity to help. Skim through our interior design photo gallery from Joplin for a better look at the amazing design concepts envisioned by the build teams.

Photo Gallery

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Extreme Makeover added a beautiful truss system to the ceiling of the Howard home. JO-1. Real Wood Barn Board Cocoa
This Extreme Makeover Home Edition interior is transformed with the help of faux wood beams. JO-2. Aspen Beams
Fake wood beams can work in practically any room design with ease. JO-3. Aspen Beams
JO-4. Aspen Beams
JO-5. Aspen Beams
JO-6. Raised Grain Beams
JO-7. Aspen Beams
JO-8. Raised Grain Beams
Decorative ceiling beams add a touch of contrast that draws the eyes through the room. JO-9. Aspen Beams
JO-10. Aspen Beams
JO-11. Aspen Beams
Matching the faux mantel with decorative beams creates a unified design plan. JO-12. Real Wood Barn Board Cocoa
On Extreme Makeover Home Edition, living rooms are given enhanced sophistication with fake wood beams. JO-13. Real Wood Barn Board Cocoa
JO-14. Real Wood Barn Board Cocoa
Faux wood beams™ on the ceiling can keep the whole design from feeling cold and barren. JO-15. Aspen Beams
JO-16. Aspen Beams
Even a modern home design can make beautiful use of decorative ceiling beams. JO-17. Aspen Beams
In the Extreme Home Makeover Joplin, MO episode, our Aspen beams added comfort to this kitchen. JO-18. Aspen Beams
This Extreme Makeover Home Edition kitchen is decorated with our Raised Grain beams. JO-19. Raised Grain Beams
Faux wood beams™ used a columns helped to delineate the various spaces of the home. JO-20. Raised Grain Beams
JO-21. Raised Grain Beams
Extreme Makeover chose fake wood beams to complement the room’s color scheme. JO-22. Raised Grain Beams
Decorative ceiling beams adorned with colorful stencils gave the design unique appeal. JO-23. Aspen Beams
JO-24. Raised Grain Beams
Decorative ceiling beams lined the combo living room/dining room space. JO-25. Aspen Beams
Extreme Makeover Home Edition featured rooms with awesome faux wood ceiling designs. JO-26. Aspen Beams
Extreme Makeover helps to create another gorgeous home design for a family in need. JO-27. Aspen Beams
JO-28. Aspen Beams
JO-29. Aspen Beams

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