L-Headers - Design Ideas

L-headers are often used to frame and enhance windows, garages and door frames. Faux wood L headers can be easily added to incorporate a versatile range of looks ranging from the glorious stone cottage, shown in our L-headers photos, to the ultra-modern sleek high rise.


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Before and After
Synthetic wood L-header painted to match the wood column separating the three windows. LH-12.
Artificial wood L-header on a triple window works nicely with the decorative column separating them. LH-13.
Manufactured wood L-header is a nice contrast to the stone window ledge. LH-14.
Fake wood L-headers have believable wood grain that fools anyone into thinking they're real. LH-15.
Fake wood L-headers look like the real thing, especially when paired with the these stone exterior walls. LH-16.
Pairing an L-header with a fake wood corbel is a great way to add a decorative flourish to a garage door. LH-17.
The fake wood L-header visually balances the window sill nicely on this stucco wall. LH-18.
An L-header stained a dark walnut shows off the realistic grian the faux wood nicely. LH-19.
L-header close-up photo shows the detail in the faux wood. LH-20.
A fake wood L-header in a dark stain looks great against a lighter color stucco wall. LH-21.
An artificial wood L-header makes this window standout among the lighter colored stone wall LH-22.
A manufacturered wood L-header completes the look of this window. LH-23.
An L-header paired with corbels add style and distinction to a garage door. LH-24.
An L-header combined with a fake wood corbel improves any exterior design. LH-25.
Combining an L-Header with a faux wood corbel dresses up any window design. LH-26.
L-header close-up shows the realistic grain pattern in the faux wood. LH-27.
Faux wood L-Header combined with fake wood corbels decorate a garage door opening nicely. LH-28.
Synthetic wood L-headers are a great way to finish an exterior look. LH-29.
Fake wood L-header looks great among a rugged stone exterior. LH-30.
Faux wood L-headers can be the perfect touch to complete a window renovation. LH-31.