Faux Log Siding Ideas

Faux log siding offers a new take on traditional vinyl siding. Instead of the cookie-cutter design found on many homes, our siding recreates the rustic appeal of traditional log cabins.

One major advantage of this product over standard vinyl is increased durability due to its curved, half log shape. In addition, the use of vinyl over real wood prevents more trees from being cut, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

These home improvement pictures show houses in various states of remodeling and renovation that are making great use of half log siding. We're certain that these photos will inspire your designs and get you thinking about creating your own cozy cabin look.

Smart Design with Log Siding

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LS-1. Vermont Maple
Vinyl log siding in a smoky gray, UV protected vinyl resistant to mold, weather and pests.
LS-2. Smoke
Fake log cabin siding updates the look of this home's exterior with an incredible resemblance to real wood.
LS-3. Spice
Faux log siding in Spice installed on a home with a gambrel roof for charming country character.
LS-4. Spice
Half log siding installed quickly and affordably on the side of this garage.
LS-5. Spice
Imitation log siding gives this home's exterior a solid boost of curb appeal.
LS-6. Spice
Faux logs looks great on any design adding a touch of rustic charm. LS-7. Cypress
Log home siding lets you create designs that would be time consuming and expensive with real timber. LS-8. Cypress
Recreate the beauty of historic log cabins while keeping the benefits of modern materials. LS-9. Smoke
Faux logs don’t require build teams and heavy machinery like traditional log cabin construction. LS-10. Smoke
Log home siding is easy to install for Pros and first time DIYers. LS-11. Smoke
Faux logs come in a number of traditional wood colors to help evoke a sense of realism and warmth. LS-12. Vermont Maple
Whether a small home, a mansion or even just the garage, faux logs are a great siding option. LS-13. Smoke
Even up close, the simulated grain and texture offers a beautiful look to your home. LS-14. Smoke
Fake log siding in a cool tone of gray complements a home's stone exterior perfectly.
LS-15. Smoke
Log home siding adds curb appeal and interesting detail to your home’s façade. LS-16. Vermont Maple
LS-17. Spice