Custom Wood Planks


Many Sizes and Styles

Custom wood planks give you the option to select whatever sizing dimensions you need for your design project. Customized lengths, widths and heights give you thousands of sizes to choose from.

In addition to the customized sizing, the planks come in a wide variety of styles, from smooth to heavily textured. All the planks are available in Unfinished to paint and stain yourself or choose from one of our attractive pre-finish colors.

Faux planks are made from a lightweight, yet highly durable polyurethane, crafted from master molds of real wood. They possess the charm of genuine wood, but won’t crack, warp, chip or decay.

Our custom planks made from real cedar wood are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, transforming the newly cut wood into a piece you’d swear was over 100 years old. Consistently sized and uniform in coloring, you can add the look of aged, weathered wood to your design without the heavy expense and complicated planning.

Whichever style or material you select, all our planks are affordable, easy to install and made to last. You’ll be saving in both material and installation costs, while ensuring a beautiful look for many years.