Lightly Distressed Ceiling Planks


Lightly Distressed Planks

Lightly Distressed faux ceiling planks accent walls and ceilings easily and affordably, giving rooms a refreshing new look. By enhancing ceilings, which are frequently forgotten as key elements of a room’s décor, these planks transform the ambience of interiors.

Because they’re created from molds made of actual wood, our planks are realistic reproductions, including the tiniest visual and textural details. While realistic in appearance, they’re composed of high-density polyurethane that is extremely lightweight and cost-effective. This makes them easy to install, without the need to hire a professional.

Faux Wood Beams ® has the largest selection of faux wood planks on the market today. If you’d like to have the beauty of wood planks without too robust a look, take these lightly distressed finishes into consideration for your interior design: Windswept, Standard Tongue and Groove, Custom Driftwood, Custom Aspen, and more.

With these attractive styles, you can create captivating interior designs, such as Swiss Chalet, beach house, cottage, and Tudor. Install them in your bedroom, living room, den, kitchen and more. However you decide to use them, they make a true difference to the ambience and comfort of any room.

Many color choices are also available with the planks, from Java to Cedar, to Light Oak and Cinnamon. They can also be ordered Unfinished, if you would like to paint or stain them as you desire.

Because their polyurethane makeup is highly durable, the planks stand up extremely well to wear and tear, and will never rot, chip or crack. Termites have no interest in them, either. As the years go by, they will look as good as new.