Non Distressed Artificial Wood Planks


Non Distressed Planks

Non-distressed artificial wood planks have a mellow texture that adds a palpable comfort and elegance to the décor of any room. Used as a decorative element for walls and ceilings, they create a cozy atmosphere for interiors. Constructed from lightweight and highly durable polyurethane, these planks remarkably mimic the soft surface and texture of the actual wood they are molded from.

Available in the Unfinished style, these planks have a smooth look that brings a relaxing ambience to any room. They are a perfect addition for an office, breakfast nook, kitchen, guest bedroom and even a porch. When used with their matching beams, they create a sophisticated, tasteful look and serve to bring a nice balance to all the elements of a room.

Like their matching beams, the non-distressed planks are also suitable for faux painting and stenciling, and can accommodate a wide range of style preferences.

Their polyurethane material also gives them an impressive durability that real wood doesn’t have. Unlike actual wood, they won’t decay, fade, or warp. Termites aren’t attracted to them, either. The new look of the planks will last for years to come.