What if I need a real wood beam larger than 14 feet?

The majority of the wood comes in an average length of 15'. Occasionally it will reach greater lengths but this is extremely rare. Due to its authenticity, lengths over 14’ and over requires a joint. Also, any beam with a width or height larger than 10.5" will have a seam. This seam could be evident when looking at the beam.

Our goal is to make these joints look as authentic as possible. They are part of the interesting story behind the wood itself. Scarf and Lap joints were used to join timber so they would span the entire length of these majestic buildings of the past.

Please note any beams requiring joints will come in two or more sections. These beams will need to be joined in the field.

Available Joint Options:

What are the wood peg options?

In early times, before the invention of power tools, most craftsmen utilized wood pegs to join lumber together. We offer this as a decorative option for our customers that would like to replicate this type of look.

Closeup example of wood pegs:

Example of a seam: