Bedroom Designs Gallery

This gallery of beautiful bedroom designs demonstrates how faux wood can add an exciting, yet inviting new dimension to your bedroom without using up vital floor space.

Faux beams, planks and corbels will create visual appeal and eye-catching detail throughout the room. Whether you’re adding a simple beam down the center of your ceiling, a series of beams to create the illusion of older construction, an amazing truss design or plank accents; the variety of designs, the ease of installation and the realistic beauty of faux is a perfect finishing touch.

Available in a wide range of grain patterns and color options, finding a look that fits your décor couldn’t be simpler. Best of all, faux wood is practically maintenance free. No need to worry about warping, cracking or splitting like you would with the real thing.

Our customer photos show only a fraction of all the amazing designs that are possible using our products. The variety of outcomes is practically limitless! For more photos and customer testimonials, take a look at our Bedroom Design Ideas page


Bedroom Ideas

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BR-1. Hand Hewn
BR-2. Hand Hewn
BR-3. Hand Hewn
BR-4. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
BR-5. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
BR-6. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
BR-7. Custom Timber
BR-8. Custom Timber
BR-9. Custom Timber
BR-10. Custom Timber
BR-11. Custom Timber
Master bedroom designs get a boost of comfort and charm with fake wood beams. BR-12. Custom Timber
Before and After
BR-13. Driftwood
BR-14. Driftwood
BR-15. Driftwood
Before and After
BR-16. Custom Timber
Before and After
BR-17. Driftwood
Before and After
BR-18. Driftwood
Cool bedroom ideas can be imagined with fake wood ceiling beams. BR-19. Timber
BR-20. Custom Timber
BR-21. Beachwood
BR-22. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
BR-23. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
BR-24. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
BR-25. Real Wood Wire Brushed Charred Brown
BR-26. Real Wood Wire Brushed Charred Brown
A great bedroom makeover is easy to achieve with faux wood beams. BR-27. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders BR-28. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
BR-29. Resawn
BR-30. Custom Timber
BR-31. Custom Timber
Before and After
Perfect your master bedroom décor with a simulated wood beam ceiling design. BR-32. Timber
Elegant bedroom interior design is made possible with artificial wood beams. BR-33. Timber
BR-34. Rustic
Before and After
Cool bedroom ceiling ideas can be actualized with fake wood ceiling beams. BR-35. Custom Rough Sawn
Create a beautiful bedroom ceiling with fake wood beams. BR-36. Custom Rough Sawn
BR-37. Custom Rough Sawn
Faux beams give this bedroom design beautiful definition and detail. BR-38. Heavy Sandblasted
Bedroom design takes on a whole new level with faux wood ceiling beams. BR-39. Real Wood Barn Board Charred Brown
Before and After
Get bedroom inspiration with heavy sandblasted simulated wood beam ceilings. BR-40. Heavy Sandblasted
BR-41. Timber
BR-42. Timber
BR-43. Timber
A simple beam may be all that’s needed to enhance bedroom decorating ideas. BR-44. Regal
BR-45. Regal
Rich wood tones gives this bedroom design the look of traditional construction. BR-46. Resawn
BR-47. Timber
BR-48. Timber
BR-49. Timber
BR-50. Timber
Before and After
Beams add an interesting touch to this young girl’s bedroom design. BR-51. Timber
Design your bedroom with false raised grain wood ceiling beams and installed lights. BR-52. Timber