Dining Room Pictures

This gallery of dining room pictures exhibits just a few of the projects beautifully enhanced with faux wood ceiling beams. These photos were shared with us by both first-time DIYers and seasoned professionals, but the results are the same – dining rooms full of sophisticated appeal.

Browse through this collection for ideas for your own design or remodel, one that will impress friends, family and guests. Whether you install a single accent beam, a series of beams, or a full decorative truss; the process is simple and affordable with an impressive outcome.

Every style of beam in our inventory perfectly recreates the grooves, grain, texture, tooling and look of a real wood beam but at a fraction of the weight. The variety of grain patterns, sizes, and color options means that there’s a beam to suit practically any need. Adding the warmth and appeal of wood construction to your dining room has never been easier.

For more information, testimonials and pictures, don’t forget to check out the Dining Room Design Ideas page and our many other photo galleries to see just how much faux wood can do for your home.


Dining Rooms

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DR-1. Custom Timber
DR-2. Custom Timber
DR-3. Custom Timber
DR-4. Beachwood
Before and After
DR-5. Beachwood
DR-6. Custom Timber
Standard King Truss
DR-7. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
DR-8. Beachwood
DR-9. Heritage
DR-10. Tuscany
DR-11. Heavy Sandblasted
DR-12. Heavy Sandblasted
DR-13. Driftwood
Add beauty to dining room designs with fake sandblasted beams. DR-14. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Project from: American Dream Builders DR-15. Custom Heritage
American Dream Builders
Create elegant dining rooms with the robust look of sandblasted beams on the ceiling. DR-16. Driftwood
Before and After
DR-17. Custom Rough Sawn
A stunning dining room makeover can be achieved in no time with faux wood beams. DR-18. Custom Rough Sawn
DR-19. Custom Timber
DR-20. Custom Rough Sawn
DR-21. Driftwood
DR-22. Driftwood
DR-23. Driftwood
A modern dining room design is easy to create with artificial wood ceiling beams. DR-24. Custom Rough Sawn
DR-25. Cusatom Rough Sawn
Faux beams can be used to break up a monotonous ceiling & add a great new look. DR-26. Custom Rough Sawn
DR-27. Custom Rough Sawn
Instantly improve your dining room design with a single fake wood beam. DR-28. Timber
DR-29. Timber
Reclaimed wood ceiling beams beautifully frame the entrance to this dining room. DR-30. Real Wood Barn Board Cocoa
DR-31. Montana Log Beams
The look of fake logs brings a rustic charm to a simple dining room area. DR-32. Montana Log Beams
Create amazing dining room ideas with Timber ceiling beams. DR-33. Timber
DR-34. Timber
DR-35. Timber
Rustic dining room ideas take on a whole new level with faux Timber beams. DR-36. Timber
Create a unified dining room decorating ideas by staining beams to match fixtures. DR-37. Timber
DR-38. Timber
DR-39. Timber
DR-40. Driftwood
DR-41. Timber
Many inspiring dining room decor ideas are brought to life with artificial wood beams. DR-42. Timber
DR-43. Timber
DR-44. Rough Sawn
Captivating dining room design ideas are easy to create with simulated wood beams. DR-45. Timber
DR-46. Tuscany
DR-47. Rustic
DR-48. Rustic
The realistic look of timber ceiling beams adds a rustic, Old World appeal. DR-49. Timber
DR-50. Timber
DR-51. Timber
DR-52. Heavy Sandblasted