Our Favorite Photos

Thanks to our fantastic customers, we continue to be awed by the beautiful things they create with our beams, mantels, panels, planks, corbels, rafter tails, and more. The ceiling design pictures they send us demonstrate the almost limitless design options opened when using faux wood.

Whether your plans include a coffered ceiling, decorative truss, a new fireplace mantel or traditional layout of parallel beams, our products are an easy and cost-effective way to create the design of your dreams, all on your own.

Having picked out our favorite customer photos, we now want to take the opportunity to share them with you. Click through this featured gallery to get ideas for ways faux will allow you to turn any space into a thing of beauty.


Our Favorite Photos

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OF-1. Beachwood
OF-2. Beachwood
Before and After
OF-3. Custom Rough Sawn
Fair Oaks Farms Restaurant
OF-4. Custom Rough Sawn
Fair Oaks Farms Restaurant
OF-5. Rough Hewn
Animal Planet - Insane Pools
OF-6. Rough Hewn
Animal Planet - Insane Pools
OF-7. Custom Timber
OF-8. Custom Timber
OF-9. Custom Timber
OF-10. Custom Timber
OF-11. Driftwood
OF-12. Driftwood
OF-13. Heritage
OF-14. Hand Hewn
OF-15. Hand Hewn
OF-16. Hand Hewn
OF-17. Real Wood Hand Hewn Cocoa
OF-18. Custom Timber
OF-19. Custom Timber
OF-20. Rough Hewn
OF-21. Heritage
Before and After
OF-22. Wood Plank Panels
OF-23. Reclaimed Barn Board
OF-24. Custom Rough Sawn
Before and After
OF-25. Aspen
Ceiling design pictures like this one illustrate how fake wood beams look great OF-26. Tuscany
Ricciardi's Italian Table
OF-27. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
OF-28. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
OF-29. Aspen
OF-30. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
OF-31. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
OF-32. Custom Timber
OF-33. Reclaimed Barn Board
FOX - Home Free
OF-34. Driftwood
L'Occitane En Provence
OF-35. Custom Timber
OF-36. Rough Hewn
OF-37. Custom Timber
OF-38. Custom Timber
Before and After
OF-39. Custom Timber
OF-40. Custom Timber
Before and After
OF-41. Custom Timber
OF-42. Custom Timber
Before and After
Before and After
OF-45. Custom Timber
Before and After
OF-46. Driftwood
OF-47. Driftwood
OF-48. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
OF-49. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
OF-50. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
OF-51. Custom Driftwood
OF-52. Reclaimed Barn Board Panels
OF-53. Custom Timber
OF-54. Reclaimed Barn Board
Restaurant Impossible
OF-55. Driftwood
OF-56. Driftwood
Before and After
OF-57. Custom Timber
OF-58. Rough Hewn
OF-59. Tuscany
Daryl's House
OF-60. Rough Hewn
Standard King Truss
OF-61. Real Wood Barn Board Cocoa
OF-62. Heritage
OF-63. Hand Hewn
OF-64. Windswept
OF-65. Rough Hewn
Recalimed wood beams make this kitchen look fantastic. OF-66. Real Wood Wire Brushed Driftwood
OF-67. Rough Hewn
Before and After
OF-68. Beachwood
OF-69. Rough Sawn
Farmhouse Restaurant
OF-70. Woodland
OF-71. Woodland
OF-72. Timber
OF-73. Rough Hewn
OF-74. Aspen
OF-75. Regal 2
OF-76. Beachwood
OF-77. Aspen
OF-78. Driftwood
Before and After
OF-79. Rustic
Before and After
OF-80. Raised Grain
OF-81. Resawn
OF-82. Driftwood
Before and After
OF-83. Rough Hewn
Faux wood beams enliven the atmosphere of any restaurant. OF-84. Sandblasted
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
Artificial wood beams enhance the beauty of any restaurant. OF-85. Timber
Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar
OF-86. Tuscany
Brio Tuscan Grille
Fake wood ceiling trusses add a brand new dimension to rooms. OF-87. Sandblasted
OF-88. Tuscany
OF-89. Woodland
OF-90. Custom Timber
OF-91. Heavy Sandblasted
OF-92. Sandblasted
Mannino's Pizzeria / Restaurant
OF-93. Timber Planks
OF-94. Heavy Sandblasted
Faux sandblasted wood beams bring a cozy feel and country look to homes. OF-95. Sandblasted
Before and After
OF-96. Woodland
Sweet Tomatoes
OF-97. Timber
OF-98. Resawn
Coffee Cup Travel Plaza
OF-99. Resawn
Coffee Cup Travel Plaza
OF-100. Chamfered
OF-101. Aspen
OF-102. Timber
African Methodist Episcopal Church
OF-103. Chamfered
False wood ceiling beams enlivedn the feel of living rooms. OF-104. Aspen
Faux wood truss designs add a dramatic touch to churches. OF-105. Woodland
Fairhaven Memorial Services
Artificial wood beams can create unique ceiling designs. OF-106. Tuscany
Before and After
OF-107. Sandblasted
OF-108. Sandblasted
OF-109. Woodland
Arched King Trusses
OF-110. Timber
OF-111. Timber
Manufactured wood mantels are as realistic looking as real wood. OF-112. Woodland
OF-113. Real Wood Barn Board Charred Brown
OF-114. Driftwood
OF-115. Custom Timber
OF-116. Reclaimed Barn Board
OF-117. Reclaimed Barn Board
Western Beef Supermarket
OF-118. Timber
OF-119. Rough Hewn
OF-120. Timber
OF-121. Timber
OF-122. Raised Grain
Truss ceiling designs with artificial wood add a stunning look to homes. OF-123. Raised Grain
OF-124. Driftwood
Sperry Top Sider
Add depth and style wirh simulated wood beams. OF-125. Raised Grain
False wood ceiling beams make attractive and eye-catching business signs. OF-126. Timber
Olive Garden
Truss ceiling beams create a captivating room at Ameristar Casino. OF-127. Woodland
Ameristar Casino
OF-128. Heritage