Our Favorite Photos

Thanks to our fantastic customers, we continue to be awed by the beautiful things they create with our beams, mantels, panels, planks, corbels, rafter tails, and more. The ceiling design pictures they send us demonstrate the almost limitless design options opened when using faux wood.

Whether your plans include a coffered ceiling, decorative truss, a new fireplace mantel or traditional layout of parallel beams, our products are an easy and cost-effective way to create the design of your dreams, all on your own.

Having picked out our favorite customer photos, we now want to take the opportunity to share them with you. Click through this featured gallery to get ideas for ways faux will allow you to turn any space into a thing of beauty.


1. Custom Timber
2. Driftwood
L'Occitane En Provence
3. Custom Timber
4. Rough Hewn
5. Custom Timber
6. Custom Timber
Before and After
7. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
8. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
9. Custom Timber
10. Custom Timber
Before and After
11. Custom Timber
12. Custom Timber
Before and After
Before and After
15. Custom Timber
Before and After
16. Driftwood
17. Driftwood
18. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
19. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
20. Real Wood Hand Hewn Charred Brown
21. Custom Driftwood
22. Reclaimed Barn Board Panels
23. Custom Timber
24. Reclaimed Barn Board
Restaurant Impossible
25. Driftwood
26. Driftwood
Before and After
27. Custom Timber
28. Rough Hewn
29. Tuscany
Daryl's House
30. Rough Hewn
31. Windswept
32. Hand Hewn
33. Heritage
34. Real Wood Barn Board Cocoa
Recalimed wood beams make this kitchen look fantastic. 35. Real Wood Wire Brushed Driftwood
36. Rough Hewn
Before and After
37. Beachwood
38. Rough Sawn
Farmhouse Restaurant
39. Woodland
40. Woodland
41. Timber
42. Rough Hewn
43. Regal
44. Custom Rough Sawn
45. Beachwood