Trade Show Booth Ideas Gallery

Trade show booths are designed to catch the attention of passersby and draw them in. With faux wood, it’s the beauty and warmth of realistic wood tones and texture that gives an inviting appeal while also providing easy transport, setup and more thanks to their light weight.

Our photo gallery of trade show booth ideas shows off some of the great designs that are possible with artificial wood. Frame your booth with beams, hide support poles, add a truss that will make people take notice, use beams to hang signage or as a backdrop… the options are only limited by what you can dream up.

Browse through our photographs for inspiration; take a look at the Tradeshow Displays project ideas page for more ideas & testimonials; and click through our numerous products to see what will fit your vision. We’re certain that you’ll find something perfect for your needs. Click here view a list of our clients.

Trade Show Displays

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TS-1. Tuscany
Cannon framed their trade show booth with faux wood beams™. TS-2. Tuscany
Faux beams are a great way to call attention to trade show display signage. TS-3. Tuscany
TS-4. Tuscany
TS-5. Tuscany
TS-6. Custom Rough Sawn
TS-7. Custom Rough Sawn
A simple truss shape will get attendees to take notice of your trade show booth. TS-8. Woodland
TS-9. Woodland
TS-10. Woodland
TS-11. Woodland
TS-12. Woodland
TS-13. Woodland
TS-14. Woodland
Impressive trade show booth ideas come to life quick and easy using faux beams. TS-15. Woodland
Synthetic wood gives your trade show booth a more inviting quality. TS-16. Timber