Interior Products

Faux Wood Beams


Timber, Raised Grain, Rustic,
Rough Sawn, Sandblasted, Regal

Real Wood Beams

Hand Hewn, Wired Brushed,
Barn Board



Timber, Raised Grain, Rough
Sawn, Cove

Sawn Planks


Timber, Raised Grain, Rustic, Rough
Sawn, Sandblasted, Timber

Ceiling Panels and Planks

Ceiling Systems

Tongue and Groove Planks, Reclaimed Barn Board Panels, Woodland Panels

Wood Mantels

Fireplace Mantels

Yellowstone, Woodland, Tuscany,
Arcadia, Yosemite

Faux Ceiling Logs

Logs & Vigas

Faux Logs, Vigas Tails

Knee Braces

Knee Braces

Cove, Straight, Scroll, Curved

Decorative Headers

Decorative Headers

Scrolled, Bullnose, Slant End, Cove

Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Stone, Brick, Bamboo

Interior Architectural Products

Elegance and uniqueness for every décor!
State-of-the-art polyurethane building materials add charm, beauty and warmth to any room.  Whether it’s a rustic farmhouse, chic downtown loft or anything in-between, interior building materials transform your decor from everyday to exquisite.

Faux Wood Ceiling Beams
Faux wood interior products in a range of eight styles and finishes are an ideal way to bring unique beauty to your home or building.  And as with the entire line we offer, the interior polyurethane products are light, easy to install, insect and rot proof and a great way to dramatically make over any room for a great price.

Real Wood Box Beams
Real wood u-shaped beams are designed for convenient installation because they are lighter and easier to handle than solid beams.

Small touches can make a huge difference. Corbels have been used in European architecture and design for centuries.  Originally created as a weight-bearing element, corbels are also commonly found inside to enhance moldings, shelves, cabinets and fireplaces and outside as a striking architectural touch.

Planks and Ceiling Panels
Ceiling panels create instant warmth. Wood’s natural beauty can be used inside every room and in outdoor spaces such as patios, gardens and covered decks. The look of natural wood offers endless design and decoration options.

Fireplace Mantels
Real wood fireplace mantels bring classic design and warmth to any room. Both the chic Arcadia and charming Yosemite mantels are excellent compliments to other product lines so a mantel in any décor is possible from ultra modern to traditional looks.

Ceiling Logs/Vigas
Viga is the Spanish word for "Beam".  In the southwestern United States, it refers to a rounded pole stripped of its bark.  While vigas, also called ceiling logs, were used to support a roof’s structure, today they’re commonly used as a decorative detail.

Knee Braces
Faux wood knee braces add interesting lines and curvatures anywhere between beams and paneling.  These decorative details offer a range of both classic traditional looks and modern twists.