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We are very happy with the product (Jan 8, 2015)

I would rate our experience a 9+ out of 10. The website is excellent, easy to navigate. The number of products available surprised me and the ability to order samples is extremely handy. The beams actually arrived before the date I was initially given; they arrived in perfect shape thanks to careful packaging. The only problem we had was with the color formula given in the website for staining. The color as mixed at our local Benjamin Moore store was not right but the clerk was a able to add the right amount of colorant to get the color close enough for us.
The instructions in the website for installation were right on which made the installation easy. We spent three days on the project: one day for staining, one day for laying out the ceiling blocks and one day putting up the beams. We used full width beams for the center of the room and half width for the two sides. We are very happy with the product and it gave us the look we wanted in our great room.
Harrison, ME
Ceiling beams (Feb 5, 2014)

The product was easy to install and it really transformed the ceiling
The Faux Wood Beams gave me just the look I wanted. (Jul 4, 2012)

My new faux wood beams have provided my place the look I wanted. They look like real barn beams and even though they are surprisingly lightweight, the beam is strong enough to hold hooks for hanging objects.
When I finish re-painting the walls with color, my home is going to look fantastic because of the cozy farmhouse feel of the beams.
The person who installed them for me said it was easy.
Ordering these was simple and the delivery was prompt.
I am super happy with these.
E. Hunter