Faux Wood Planks


Our selection of faux wood planks offer a wealth of design possibilities, from adding visual interest to the ceiling to unique interior and exterior flourishes.

The planks are a great way to bring the natural beauty and look of wood to any surface of your home, office, restaurant or store. Dramatically stylize a ceiling, wall or exterior and turn a plain décor into an inspired showpiece.

Every plank is made via the same process used to create our beams. Each piece is a high-quality mold of an actual wooden plank with unique ridges and details reproduced every time. They look as beautiful and rich as real wood - the difference being that they last longer and cost a lot less! Their polyurethane makeup eliminates wood's disadvantages such as high cost, rot, weight, insect/animal issues and wear.

Available in a wide variety of texture styles and finishes, Custom Planks also offer thousands of length, width and height size options, giving you the flexibility to meet your project specs without compromise.

Like the style but don’t need custom sizing? Our standard planks are of the same high quality as the custom versions but ship faster and are priced to accommodate tighter budgets.

These planks possess the same warmth and charming appeal that real wood offers - you won't be able to tell the difference. And every one is easy to handle and install, saving you time and energy.

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