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Turning your ideas for a vaulted ceiling design into a reality can pose an interesting challenge.

Making the design flow without being overpowering is important. The unique style of this type of ceiling can also make projects difficult or very expensive.

Faux wood beams offer an easy, affordable way to bring the more traditional look of wood to your vaulted ceiling without all the hassles of the real thing.

One major benefit of these beams is their lightweight makeup. This eliminates the worry of whether your ceiling can bear the weight or needing to add costly structural supports. Faux wood looks just like the real thing but is instead made from durable, high-density polymer foam. Everyone from first time DIYers to professional contractors will have no problems installing them.

Another great feature is that they are perfect for adding recessed lighting. Their hollow design can hide wiring and other hardware. With a few small modifications, you can even hang lighting fixtures from them for a more interesting look. The design possibilities are practically endless.

Benefits for Vaulted Ceiling Design:

If you already have existing wood fixtures or furniture, our beams can be ordered with a similar finish available or purchased unfinished and painted to match. Or add more contrast with a differently colored beam for a more dynamic visual effect. The large variety of textures and finishes means that there's a beam to suit your décor.

  • Custom Sizes to Suit Your Needs
  • Maintenance Free Design
  • Beautiful, Realistic Appearance
  • Fire Rated Beams Available
  • Easy to Install
Our Customers say:

Included in this testimonial are some pictures of the faux beams my wife and I are extremely happy with. After considerable phone advice from the helpful and patient staff at, we ordered these beams.

Michel B.
Sechelt, B.C.

We sure love your products and feel that it has truly enhanced our home.

Adele S.
Las Vegas, NV

We just recently completed our installation and it looks fantastic. We'll recommend to our friends to consider your products for their homes . The biggest attraction was having a single light beam to span a 16' 6" span 14 feet off the floor. The installation was simple for 2 people and it was easy to sand the edges to make the piece fit up the sides of the wall. I can't image the weight and difficulty of installing a real wood beam - plus I never had to move the pool table!