Installing Suspended Beams (Video)

This page contains step-by-step how-to instructions on installing Suspended Faux Beams. You will be prepared for and guided through the installation process with a list of tools needed, easy to follow directions and tips.



The basic tools you will be needing are: blocks of wood, tape measure, painters tape, electric screwdriver, screws, joist hangers, caulking gun, electric or hand saw, wood filler, chalk line, and a stud finder. Dry wall anchors may be necessary.

We will begin by trying to locate the studs behind the wall. If you cannot find the studs, or the studs are not locatied in the area in which you want the beam, anchor screws may be used.

We will now fasten the joist hangers to the wall.

The distance you want to suspend the beam along with the size of the beam, will dictate the size and length of the 2 x 4 you will want to use. In this project we will be using 2 x 4 x 16’s. We secure two of the 2x4x16’s together by using screws. After securing the 2 x’s together we now place them onto the joist hangers and secure them with screws. Raise the beam up over the 2 x’s to see if there is a secure fit.  More than likely, you will need to build the empty space up with a block of wood. Doing so will create a snug and secure installation.

To build up the empty space, measure the distance between the wall of the faux beam and 2 x. Cut a block of wood to fit, and now you can install the block onto the 2 x. You will want to install blocks every 4-5 feet. 

Raise the beam back onto the suspended 2 x’s and countersink a screw into the side of the faux beam going into the blocks. Use wood filler to cover up the screws.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to change your plain room, into a room with character and warmth.


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