Faux Ceiling Beams and Planks seen on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Williams Family

The season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featured our faux ceiling beams and planks as they were used in the kitchen and the daughter’s bedroom of the Williams family new home. Below are a few photos from this build, showing both our products plus those donated by our sister company, FauxPanels.com. Please check back after the show airs Sunday, May 16th to see more pictures. Click each image to enlarge.

In the kitchen, our Pecky Cypress faux ceiling beams were cut to size and installed along the kitchen’s vaulted ceiling, the ends mitered to fit seamlessly against the angle of the wall. One long beam was installed the length of the ceiling, with six shorter beams running perpendicular to butt up against the opposite stone wall. The Pecky Cypress beams were also cut in smaller sizes to act as window headers to the three windows adjacent to the ceiling beams.

The daughter’s "Horse Stable" bedroom was accented with Faux Timber ceiling beams, lined along the ceiling complete with beam strap accessories. The faux Timber beams were also installed as cross beams across the fanciful horse stall area.

To coordinate with the beams, faux timber planks were implemented to frame the top of the windows, and also cut in half to top the wainscoting surrounding the bottom half of the walls. The wainscoting was created using Rustic Barn Wood panels.

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1. Timber Beams
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8. Pecky Cypress Beams
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23. Pecky Cypress Beams

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